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Hey, Mr Bartender mix me a drink

I really need something to tell me its okay not to think

I just copied and pasted this from my facebook. Haha, enjoy :P

i am stephanie: the one, the only, the original bebemestiza ♥ dont know it? google it. i'm eighteeen & im lovin all the freedom that comes with it. proud to be filipino & swiss (that's switzerland not sweden btw) & i ♥ my friends. they really are my world. i like to party which doesnt happen alot with the parents i have but that'll change. i work @ eb games so yeah i like to play games sometimes. Surprised? you'll find i'm very different to what you first initially think of me. i listen to all types of music, from hip-hop to kpop to stuff from the 80's but alternative music is my fave ♥ mindless self indulgence will always be my number one. my phone is permanently glued to my side & im facebook/msn addict. i cant stand cocky guys who fk girls over for their selfish needs & i hate fake dumb sluts who do the same. im VERY unhealthy & picky about alot. not too mention i can act like a spoilt brat at times. im not afraid to admit my flaws but im always trying to better myself as a person. you like me? great. if not, what a shame. im nice & pretty laidback once you get to know me. oh & just because im almost an adult doesnt mean i act mature. i am a pretty big child at heart i still watch disney movies & lil kiddy cartoons. im proud of it. :)